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CJiang Technology, an industry-leading professional manufacturer of inductor


The brand-new T-CORE molded SMD power inductor, with minimum size of 2012 mm, provides

 power 30% higher than the industry average under the same size.

CJiang Technology establishes upon our proficiency in the science of magnetic material,

persistently and firmly focusing on the R&D of materials, technologies, manufacturing techniques 

and facilities of inductive products

With our self-developed Alloy material and Fully automated manufacturing equipment

 years of CJiang Technology’s devotion to the industrial chain assures the 

impeccable quality of every single inductor.

 We promise our costumers continuously optimized production process,  Fully automatic equipment for

 Server production equipment more efficient production, higher consistency rate of the products.


Our company launches the  Automotive Grade molded SMD power inductor that can be used in Automotive , applicable to the DC-DC Circuit; of LED car lights; Automotive multimedia ; Automotive Rada ; Automotive ADAS 、 Driver Recorder TPMS ; Automotive Audio ; Automotive Charger、Automotive OBC ; [Automotive T-BOX, etc.


CJiang Technology ’s brand new Industrial grade  products are now fully applied to industries such as PV inverter , BMS, Elastic Compute Service , State Grid Smart Grid .