Enterprise history

2011, CJiang Technology was established. For years, our founding team has been deeply committed to the field of magnetic materials and R&D of inductors, and passionate about developing new manufacturing equipment and improving new production techniques.

2013, CJiang Technology successfully developed a new Magnetic Alloy material , which was able to massively improve the power of Molded power inductor ; In the same year, our R&D team succeeded in developing the server molded equipment, greatly increasing the precision and efficiency in the production of the Molded power inductor.


2014, CJiang Technology’s Molded power inductor surpassed the monthly production capacity of 50 million units, with no more than 5ppm of defect rate; Same year, we invested in the production line of the NR inductor .

2015, the NR inductor broke through the monthly production capacity of 60 million units, meanwhile, the output Molded power inductor continued to expand, surpassing the monthly production capacity of 70 million units.

2016, our company launched the Common mode choke  and  in various sizes, continuously widening our inductor series; the ultra-thin Molded power inductor :4010 、6012 were launched, fulfilling costumer products’ needs for ultra-thin,miniaturized inductors .

2017, our company kept improving the manufacturing equipment of the Molded power inductor , massively increasing the productive efficiency of each , yielding a breakthrough in the monthly production capacity of 120 million units of the Molded power inductor; the monthly production capacity of the NR inductor surpassed 20 million units.


2018, CJiang Technology launched the Miniaturized Molded power inductor series – 2012, 2016, 2520, these sizes fulfilled the requirements of devices such as mobiles, smartwatches, smart bracelets, IOT  for miniaturized inductors with strong currents.


2020, CJiang Technology launched the Automotive Grade Molded  power inductor, qualified for AEC-Q200, with 8 series, covering multiple sizes, and would satisfy various demands of the engineers.